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A Walk in Time: Kellie's Castle

Remember how little girls used to dream of becoming a princess, meet prince charming, and live in a majestic castle filled with secrets tunnels and beautiful decorations? Well, I know I’m not one of those girls but what I do know is that we have our own castle here in Perak, Malaysia.

Around 100 years ago where Malaysia was still under British reign and wealthy foreign traders live scattered around Malaya, a Scotland trader came to Malaysia in order to build his own plantation. This foreigner cleared the jungle in Kinta District and opened up his own rubber estate. Due to high the demand of rubber at that time, this exploration of his brought him a lot of fortune. With the success, he brought his family from Scotland to settle down in his first mansion that was built as a symbol of his prospering rubber estate named Kellas House in Malaya.

The man’s name was William Kellie Smith.

In 1915, Kellie was blessed with a son, Anthony. To celebrate his heir’s birth, he decided to build another mansion in front of his old one. He hired workers from Madras to build a mansion first of its kind in Malaya. The works on the building halted a few times, one was when a mysterious illness, now known as Spanish Flu, killed many of his workers. But the tragedy wasn’t what caused the end to the construction, it was the death of Kellie himself that did. William Kellie Smith died in 1962 from pneumonia on his visit to Lisbon to retrieve the elevator that was to be placed on the towers of the mansion. His heartbroken wife, Agnes, sold all of their property in Malaya and returned to Scotland with their son.

If you go to Batu Gajah, Ipoh, Perak, you can find the old mansion standing on a hill separated from the main road by a river. The mansion is grand, with a six-storey tower, wine cellar, and stately columns. Moorish arches and walls embellished with Greco-Roman design. The design was so because of the builder’s interest in Indian designs and myths. Some parts of the mansion are missing. This is because during the Declarance of Emergency when the Japanese took control of Malay for a period of 3 long months, they attacked British traders and possible enemies. Because of the grandness of Kellie’s mansion, which is one of its kind in that time, the building was targeted.

There are many rumors surrounding the castle. Some say that Smith’s spirit lingered on the land, guarding his great castle. It was said this is why the castle is still standing after all these decades. More to the ghost stories, people also said that the spirit of the workers who died in the influenza and also the World War II stayed behind. Scary isn’t it? I wouldn’t recommend staying after dusk if you’re a faint hearted. Who know, Smith might greet you personally.

It is also said that the mansion has four secret tunnels. One is connected to the Hindu temple 500m In the west, one connected to the main gate garage in the south while the other tunnel connect the castle to the road in the east. The other tunnel was never discovered. Though rumors had in that it was used to hide the communist leader of Malaya, Chen Ping in between the 50s and 60s. Imagine what it feels like if you were the one who discovered that last unknown tunnel. If you ever found it, tell us. For now, you can just enjoy the scenery and roams the caste floors and rooftop for only Rm3-Rm5.  

Monday, 17 September 2012

Cave in Malaysia

Cave in Malaysia-Gua Tempurung

Malaysia is a country that provide a lot of attraction destination for tourist either domestic or international tourists. Besides theme parks that provide entertainment for leisure, beach resorts for white sandy beach, clear crystal water and amazing coral reef, Malaysia also is a place for psychocentric people or adventure lover since caving is now gaining popularity and becoming a favourite activity among tourists.

This multicultural country has some of the biggest and longest caves in the world. Some of the caves are archaeological site, some with uniqueness of stalagmites and stalactites and maybe underground rivers. Some caves also are home of fauna such as bats, swiftlets, snakes, spiders, centipedes and many more.

Niah cave in Sarawak
Amongst the most famous caves of Malaysia are caves in Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak. This park is home to the Niah Cave and was declared as World Heritage Site since 2001. Niah caves is a famous archaeological site where 40 000 years old  human skull and rock painting which date back to 1200 years old has been found in this cave that form the main attraction to this cave. Some of the caves in this park also are world record holders. Among of the caves are Nasib Bagus Cave which houses the world's largest chamber,Sarawak Chamber. Besides, Clearwater cave also is one of the 10th largest in the world with 175km long. Deer cave in here also is one of the world's largest cave passages.

Batu Caves in Gombak
In Peninsular Malaysia, there are also has numerous cave that famous among tourists. Located in Gombak, Selangor, Batu Caves is famous tourist destination and site of the annual Thaipusam festival for Hindu people. The caves is made of limestone and have 272 steps which will lead you up to the religious temple. In Perak,  Tempurung Cave is one of the best cave in Peninsular with series of huge chambers, some fine formation and fine river passage. It is open to the public and is equipped with electric lighting and walkways. Besides, Perak also is homes for Lenggong Valley which is an important archaeological site where Perak Man, an 11 000 years old skeleton was found.

Gua Wang Burma
Kelam 2 Cave also is recorded as one of the Peninsular's longest caves and accessible to adventure cavers, likewise Gua Wang Burma. Located near the Park Visitor Centre, Perlis, Wang Burma Cave now is compulsory to have a guide for caving in order of safety. The caves at Kota Gelanggi and Gunung Senyum in Pahang have been developed for tourism. Kota Gelanggi caves complex is historical importance where various archaeological digs was held here especially by the Museum Negara Department of Museum and Antiquities has revealed human remains dating 1500 years. In Kedah, Cerita Cave is famous for its Merong Mahawangsa legends. There are also some ancient inscriptions which are said to be verses from the Koran-Muslim scripture.

In summary, Malaysia is a country that has numerous caves with their own history and legends. Here is suggested destination for adventure cavers who seek for adrenaline experience. Besides, nature lover also are invited to enjoy the experience of various nature attractions here! ^_^
prepared by: Umi Zainurrina Bt Zainudin

Sunday, 16 September 2012

TraDitiONaL CusToMes In MaLaYSiA !!

 In Malaysia, there are many festivals that are celebrated by the people of Malaysia as Hari Raya, Chinese New Year and Diwali. Every festival is celebrated has its own traditional clothing, such as baju melayu, baju kurung, cheongsam, sari and so on as a symbol of uniqueness in Malaysia.

baju melayu with  songkok
baju kurung
MALAY : For Muslim women, they wear baju kurung or songket with scarves on their heads. At village lifestyle, they wear sarong or better known as batik. For the men, they wear baju melayu with songkok on the head. For formal attire for men, they wear batik shirts with trousers. Batik is the official symbol of the clothing in Malaysia because the motif used for very different and unique.


INDIAN : For Indian women, they wear a sari almost every time because the sari is a tradition for Indians.Besides the Sari, Salwar kameez or punjabi also wear by indian women.This traditional cloth is very popular and wear by Northen Indian ladies. The Kurta is the traditional attire for men on formal occasions.

CHINESE : The traditional clothes for Chinese women is the Cheongsam or qipao.Most Chinese women wear cheongsam is red because of the Chinese red is a symbol of good profits and good fortune.For the Chinese New Year, "angpau" ​​are also red.

the cheongsam

author name : NUR WANI


Huanying! Huanying! Welcome to village in Malaysia. Come everyone! Join me to have an experience explore the village's life. In Malaysia there are a lot of villages back then and still maintained until now. Tourism Board of Malaysia has built a homestay for domestic tourist or even foreigner to experience a harmony atmosphere and also green scenery of village in Malaysia.
The unique features of village in Malaysia where the most of village houses is no fence because the people olden days are trustworthy. In addition, the villagers love to make an event such as wedding ceremony at their courtyard rather than make it at a hall or hotel and also villagers is always practice cooperation among themselves in making the event successfully.
The other special feature of Malay houses, there are always a big window to ensure that the house can keep cool to suit with the weather in Malaysia and with a tall stilts together with stairs which is trademark for Malay houses that to avoid from flood. The design of the house is usually created by the owner that suits with their needed in socioeconomic and social lifestyle.
The village is far away from hustle and bustle of the city with the beautiful scenery like a piece of art. We can found a lot of greenly paddy field which is one of the sources for the country and also a rubber tree that most wanted sources for the manufactured industry.
A lot of activities and games that always been playing in the village such as “congkak”, flying kite, top spinning and many more. The games usually play by the children but nowadays the games is widely played by the adults. Even though there are always the competition with these traditional games among the villagers also now until international level. The traditional games are introduced to let the world know about the Malay traditional games.
I hope that I can share the information with the one who spend their time to read my post. There are some pictures for you. Xiexie!!

Green scenery like a piece of art :)
Roslina Binti Abd Hamid
HM111 3B2

Independence Day - Hari Merdeka

Fatin Amalina Bt Abd Rahim 

First of all Hello everyone. My name Fatin Amalina and I would like to share about Independence Day in Malaysia. Hope you guys enj0y it.:)

Independence Day or Hari Merdeka is a National day of Malaysia commemorating the independence of the Federation of Malaya from British colonial rule in 1957, celebrated on August 31 every year. Independence means a man’s birth right. The joy of being independent from subjugation is the greatest happiness for us. The Independence Day of a country definitely calls for celebration.

 This year on 2012 Malaysia celebrate Independence Day for 55 years. Every year we will always celebrate Independence Day because on 31 august is holiday to Malaysia people. On this year we celebrate Independence Day at Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur (KL). In the morning there will be Merdeka Day Parade at there. Thousands of viewers on the city will appeared to watch the colourful streets of the city and performances held at the Merdeka Square.
 The themes for this year are "55 Tahun Merdeka Janji Ditepati". 

 Even though Malaysia has many ethnic groups and races, but when we hold our Independence Day celebrations will the unified and cooperative in working together to cheer up the celebration of independence. Everyone hope that Malaysia will be known to all people in the world.

Lastly, I would like to say Happy Birthday Malaysia- Selamat Hari Malaysia to all Malaysia people and have a nice holiday to everyone.




Sarawak are very rich with their culture.One of them is Longhouse.Sarawak people are consists of Iban or known as 'Sea Dayaks', Bidayuh or 'Land Dayaks', Penan,Orang Ulu,and Melanau.Longhouse are called such that because it was long ,and it was a house.A longhouse or long house is a type of long, proportionately narrow, single-room building,lived by many families who leads by leader called 'Tok Batin'.


Spend a holiday at long house sarawak,promised you a variety of experience from way to arrive at a rural place,their traditonal dance,variety of food and also the Sarawak community here.An unforgetable experience on the way to Sarawak longhouse is being stuck on the red earth for a few hour. The only way to enter here is by driving landrover or by helicopter.


Once arrives there,you will passionate with a very greeny and beautiful scenery that are always been preseves.Longhouse are surronded with jungle,a children playing in front of the house,and an old man hang out in veranda smoking,chat and eating.


A traditional longhouse is built of axe-hewn timber, tied with creeper fibre, roofed with leaf thatch. It is nearly always built by the bank of a navigable river, and the visitor approaches it from the boat jetty.

If you travel there during festivals occasion time ,you will be welcomed by a fantastic dance.One of the example of dance played by them are hornbill dance.
Accompanied by the wonderful music,colourful costumes,always smiling,and great movement.The Ibans perform a unique dance called the ngajat. It serves many purposes depending on the occasion. During Gawais, it is used to entertain the people who in the olden days enjoy graceful ngajats as a form of entertainment. Iban men and women have different styles of ngajat. The ngajat involves a lot of precise body-turning movements. The ngajat for men is more aggressive and depicts a man going to war, or a bird flying. The women's form of ngajat consists of soft, graceful movements with very precise body turns. Each ngajat is accompanied by the taboh or the body.


Longhouse people daily activity are such as made costumes for their festivals.Their handmade are very smooth.They also made an wood art craft.They also do a weaving product such as baskets and mat.The man are enter the jungle to find rattan and strong fronds of sago palm which is suitable for crafting.Sago are dyed into different shades and then,woven into artistic jewerly,baskets hats and floor mats.Longhouse people are unite as a one family.They do an daily activities such as cooking together,after that they will eat together at the centre of the house.This shows that they have a very good bond connection between them.At evening,they always held an interesting activities joined with old man like cockfight.It is a traditional games in Sarawak.


As state that the longhouse are surrounds with a jungle,so there is a lot of activities can joined by tourist such as jungle trekking
motorized longboat for a thrilling ride upstream.Accommodation at the Iban guesthouse is necessarily sparse due to its location away from civilization, although you can be assured of fresh sheets, towels, toilets and shower facilities and electricityBefore traveling into longhouse,don't forget to bring along sturdy walking shoes, rain gear, hat, sun block, change of clothing, insect repellant, torchlight, swim wear, bottled drinking water and personal toiletries.Spend the night in the specially built guesthouse in the heart of the here is unforgotable experience that I as a tourist had even feel it.The community here are very kind and also respect us as a muslim.They separate foods from the muslim tourist.It's a very best trips that I had.

Prepared by:
HM111 3B2

Sepang International Circuit by Belle

This is Me!

Fatin Nabila, 2011813074

Hello dear readers. My name is Fatin Nabila binti Abdul Aziz and I am from hm111 3b1. In this post, I will tell you some information about Sepang International Circuit (SIC) that I believe will amaze you. First and foremost, when we talk about Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix or Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix, the first thing will comes to our mind is Sepang International Circuit. This is because of the race track that is unique and state-of-the-art circuit. Built with the concept of a 'natural stadium', more than 5,000 palm trees were planted around the circuit to retain its scenic green and as time goes by, many trees were planted to add more beauty to the track.

Sepang International Circuit is home for motorsports lovers and I am one of them.  SIC was officially opened on March 9, 1999 by our former fourth Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. It was complete in 14 months with ultramodern facilities and it was given the honour to incorporate the F1 logo in its name. Situated 85km from Kuala Lumpur city centre and located closely to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) which makes this circuit an ideal place for world-class international events. This track can accommodate around 130 thousands spectators.

The length of this circuit is 5.543 km with 15 turns and 8 straights with access speed of more than 300km/h and you will experience a race full of suspense and thrill. There are a few events or activities were held there for example the Formula 1 Malaysian Grand Prix, Motor GP, Malaysia Merdeka Endurance Race and many more. There are several facilities provided there for example they have helipad, perdana suite, paddock club, welcome centre, media centre, mall area, corporate suite and so on.

We all can agree that Sepang International Circuit is one of the best race tracks in the world. If you want to experience a suspense and thrill race, just watch Malaysian Grand Prix and I know you will love Sepang International Circuit. Thank you for reading my post everybody. Peace out ya’ll. Here are some pictures for all of you out there.

The track Layout
The Unique Roof
Formula 1 Malaysian Grand Prix
Sepang International Circuit